The Audio Upgrades Mic Pre Card offers high end outboard mic preamp performance in a low cost miniature package designed to retrofit the mic preamps in mixing consoles. Unique buffered current feedback amplifiers are used with a class A discrete front end offering performance beyond outboard mic pre's. The small size means it can fit in the tightest packages. Power requirements are plus and minus 9 to 18 volts with low current consumption making the preamp ideal for battery powered applications. 48 volt blocking capacitors are fitted for easy hookup. Onboard clamping diodes prevent input surges, and the 56 ohm output impedance
drives the most difficult loads, including headphones. With it's small size and low power drain, the Audio Upgrades Mic Pre Card can fit almost anywhere, offering "high speed" sound at an affordable price. Installation is easy, requiring only six connections. The preamp is ideal for critical music recording as well as demanding film and post work.

Gain is adjustable from 12 to 60 db.
Selected low noise Hitachi input transistors
Double sided unplated circuit board.
WIMA polypropylene and Panasonic electrolytic capacitors.
Precision Roederstein Resista 50 ppm metal film resistors.
High Speed Video Amp is socketed for future upgrades.
Size = 1.25 X 2".
Frequency Response 2 to 200k Hz.
Equivalent Input Noise = -129.5 db with 150 ohm input.
THD= .0005% typical.
IMD= .00015%
Slew Rate= 3000 volts per microsecond.
Common Mode Rejection= -80 db typical.
Phase Shift= Less than 10 degrees at 20k Hz.
Output current drive > 50 milliamps.

PRICE: $125.00













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